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clicking green button brings you to the next screen
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Wow, additional text. It will disappear after driving the cursor outside the picture.
Action - mouse over/ out on object
After moving cursor on the picture additional objects will appear (in the editor, you can select any object or whole layers).
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Variables and conditions
Move the cursor to show a preview of supplemented trigger.
Click the plus sign (the value of our variable): {%variable with points%}
Clicking on the Plus every time we add 1 to the value of a variable called "variable with points". We display it by typing in the box below:
 {%variable with points%}
This way you can display any variable you added to the project. Just enter its name this way:
Action - change variable value
Move the cursor to show a preview of supplemented trigger.
Yeah! Thats it!
Pretty good, but you can afford more!
Poor, go back and try harder :)
I put the following statement in "Page Load" action:

If the number of clicks on the previous page is less than 10, then show text that you went poorly.

If it is in the range between 10 and 20, then show text that "good, but you can afford more."

If the number of clicks is greater than 20, then show the text of congratulations and play the sound of fanfares!
made in Darkan
Triggers to be used are many more, you can use them in any configuration.

Try your own ideas!
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